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Surpriseyou - Gameboy - Case

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I bought this for my son. He was so excited and happy to get it. He said it is better then he thought it was. He can charge the case separately. He loves the cool games on it. If his phone dies he just plays games on his case. Durable and fun.

Elisa T.


Whose ever idea it was to make this case are geniuses!! It’s super cute and has a huge variety of games also with great sound. Not bulky at all and actually sits very comfortable in my hands when on my phone. Looks super protective. I absolutely love this case! Will be recommending to friends!!

Jason E.

Purchased this case expecting it to be trash. Once I put it on my phone and started playing with it I instantly loved the case. It provides some protection and a lot of entertainment. Highly recommend.

Pedro O.


I’ll never buy any other phone case for the rest of my life! Best decision ever tons of amazing games! I don’t worry about keeping my phone charged anymore I just make sure my gameboy has juice and I’m good to go!

Bert O.

Anyone that loves the good ol’ game boy this thing is awesome. I mostly play mario and tetris. Awesome concept for awesome price!

Kelly H.

I bought it for my son. It actually works great.

Branda T.